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Sale of ‘Golden Passports’ Boosts Island’s Economy

Dominica, a member of the Commonwealth, is a small island in the lesser Antilles. Located between the French overseas departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique, it’s one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. To finance its economy, Dominica offers a Citizenship by Investment program, or CBI. Investors can buy Dominican Citizenship, which has two major advantages: it’s one of the most affordable in the world and it grants visa-free access to the EU.

For Citizenship By Investment CITIZENS

We provide the following Domiciliary services to Citizenship By Investment [CBI] citizens of Dominica: Passport Services, Name Change, Police Record, Apostille Services, Opening of Bank Accounts, Agent Registration, Agent Office Registration, Birth Certificate, Business Name Registration, Certificate of Non-Marriage, Company Registration, Courier Services, Dominic Hague Certification, Drivers License, Income Tax Numbers [ITN], Mail Forwarding, Mailbox Service, Offshore Company Registration, Power of Attorney, Proof of Addresses, Virtual Mailbox Service


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