Dominica CBI Investment Options

Individuals applying for the Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program can make their financial contribution one of two ways:

1 . Economic Diversification Fund

  • The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) supports public and private projects within Dominica, covering industries such as education, healthcare, sport, and tourism. A single applicant must contribute USD $100,000 to the EDF, though fees will increase if they wish to apply for additional dependents to join them in Dominica.

2. Real Estate

  • Real estate is another investment option for Dominica CBI applicants. The property must be held for at least three years and be authorised by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, with all approved real estate projects listed here. This must be valued at a minimum of USD $200,000. Government fees starting from $25,000 per applicant also apply.

What do these Dominican investment options achieve?

Dominica is creating a modern, diverse, and sustainable economy to meet the demands of a highly competitive global environment. The Government invites investments that will generate consistent economic growth and prosperity while creating jobs and business opportunities for its citizens.

Economic Diversification Fund

About the Economic Diversification Fund

The Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) is a Dominican Government program supporting socio-economic initiatives with the aim of driving national development. This was established through the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, as one component of a national capital mobilization portfolio. Applicants can acquire economic citizenship to Dominica by making a financial contribution to its EDF.

All money generated for the EDF fund goes towards improving projects in the public and private sector which are in need of financial support. These include building schools, renovating hospitals, and the creation of a national sports stadium, as well as a variety of other undertakings across numerous industries such as tourism, information technology and agriculture.

Minimum EDF Contribution Requirements

To qualify for Dominican citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment program, applicants must make a non-refundable contribution to the EDF.

The cost of your contribution will be determined by the number of dependents included in the application—this refers to anyone who relies on you as a primary source of income, including children. Spouses, parents or other family members may also qualify.

  • US$100,000 for the main applicant;
  • US$150,000 for the main applicant and spouse;
  • US$175,000 for the main applicant and up to three dependants;
  • US$25,000 for any additional dependant under the age of eighteen;
  • US$50,000  for any additional dependant eighteen years of age or older;

Additional EDF Fee

The following fees must be paid in addition to the minimum EDF contribution:


  • Per application – USD 1,000


  • Main applicant – USD 7,500
  • Spouse – USD 4,000
  • Dependant aged 16 years or above – USD 4,000

*Enhanced due diligence checks and fees may sometimes be required, depending on the applicant’s current citizenship status, and other personal circumstances.


  • Certificate of Naturalisation fee – USD 250 per person
  • Expedited passport issuance fee – USD 1,200 per person


Economic Diversification Fund Payment Information

The applicant is responsible for paying the full minimum EDF contribution under the laws and regulations that govern the Dominica CBI Program. Payments will be made via bank transfer, and any applicable bank charges must also be paid to ensure the Government receives the full EDF contribution amount.

Full minimum EDF contribution amounts are expressed in United States dollars (USD). However, the Government will also accept payments in euros (EUR) and pound sterling (GBP).

IMPORTANT: Any payments in EUR or GBP must be equivalent to or greater than the minimum EDF contribution amount in USD. Any payment that falls below this on the day the payment is processed will be rejected as insufficient.

Dominica Real Estate Investment Options

To qualify for Dominican citizenship under the real estate option of its Citizenship by Investment programme, you must purchase authorised property worth at least USD $200,000. Real estate must be held for either three years from the date your citizenship is granted or, if the future purchaser is also a citizenship by investment applicant, five years from the date your citizenship is granted.

Government Fees

If your application for Dominica citizenship by real estate investment is approved, the following government fees also apply:

  • US$25,000 for the main applicant;
  • US$35,000 for the main applicant and up to three dependants;
  • US$50,000 for the main applicant and up to five dependants;
  • US$25,000 for any additional qualified dependant;

Additional Fees

In addition to the capital required for Dominica real estate investment, the following fees are also applicable:

  • Processing fees – USD $1,000 per application
  • Due diligence fees – USD 7,500 for the main applicant, USD $4,000 for a spouse and USD $4,000 for any dependants aged 16 or above.
  • In some cases, additional due diligence fees may be required depending on current citizenship status, and other personal circumstances.
  • Certificate of naturalisation fee – USD $250 per person
  • Expedited passport issuance fee – USD $1,200 per person

Guidance on Payments for Fees

The applicant is responsible for paying the full fees required under the laws and regulations governing the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme. Therefore, when making a bank transfer, the applicant must also cover any bank charges so the government receives the money in full.

Fees are expressed in United States dollars (USD). However, the government will accept payments in euros (EUR) and pounds sterling (GBP).

IMPORTANT: Any EUR or GBP payments must be equivalent to or greater than the USD conversion. Any payment that falls below this will be rejected.

Alternative Investment Options

As well as obtaining Dominican citizenship by real estate investment, you could instead choose to contribute to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund. For more information on our services, please contact us at any time.

List of Banned Nationalities


  • This includes specific nationals from the Kurdistan region of Iraq,
  • namely nationals from the cities of
    • Erbil,
    • Amedi,
    • ODahuk,
    • Kirkuk,
    • Lalish,
    • Raniya,
    • Soran,
    • Sulaymaniyah and
    • Zakho.

North Korea and Sudan

Application from citizens of North Korea and Sudan will be refused unless the applicant has

  • (1) not lived in these countries for at least ten years,
  • (2) no substantial assets there, and
  • (3) not performed any business or similar activity, in whole or in part, in or with the countries.

Enhanced due diligence may apply to all applicants who meet the above requirement, with the cost to be born on the applicant.

Russian and Belarusian

As of March 2022, the Unit will refuse the submission of any new applications submitted on behalf of Russian and Belarusian nationals with immediate effect.