Find the Inner You in Dominica

Dominica needs to be added to your bucket list. It is one of the most tropical, pristine and natural islands in the Caribbean. If you’re into adventure, eco-tourism, off the beaten path kind of vibes, then this low-key gem is definitely a must do. Explore hot springs, waterfalls, hiking, beach, boat ride up the IndianContinue reading “Find the Inner You in Dominica”

e-Passport: Requirements and benefits

The government has started the registration of citizens for the distribution of digital passports, also known as electronic passport or passports in February 2022.  According to concerned officials, all the necessary preparations about e-Passports, is ready. The e-Passport has an embedded electronic microprocessor chip which contains biometric information used to authenticate the identity of theContinue reading “e-Passport: Requirements and benefits”

Why E-Passports for Dominica

The air passenger experience involves many requirements that countries must address relating to effective travel document and border management, information sharing and the identification of high-risk travellers, the screening of people and cargo for security purposes, global anti-terrorism objectives, and many other inter-related priorities. Because of the overlapping and complementary nature of these programmes andContinue reading “Why E-Passports for Dominica”

Dominica E-Passports Registration Begins

The Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs wishes to announce the commencement of registration for the Commonwealth of Dominica e-passport, the process will commence on the 07th of February, 2022. Attention CITIZEN BY INVESTMENT PASSPORT HOLDERS An original deadline given by the Government of Dominica to replace the machine-readable passport to the new E-passport has now been revisedContinue reading “Dominica E-Passports Registration Begins”

Destination Dominica Rebranded

Destination  Dominica  has been rebranded with a new logo in an effort to create a bold, dynamic, and eco-responsible Dominica. The destination brand continues to play a major factor in presenting Dominica to the world. Speaking at the launch ceremony on Wednesday, Tourism Minister Denise Charles says a refreshed brand identity represents the island’s peopleContinue reading “Destination Dominica Rebranded”

E-Passport Myths 1-10

Myth #1 – The e-Passport replaces border officialsMyth #2 – The e-Passport was introduced for facilitation reasonsMyth #3 – The e-Passport was introduced in response to 9/11Myth #4 – The e-Passport was introduced because the RFID industry wanted salesMyth #5 – It was introduced as a plot by the UN to regiment the world via biometricsMythContinue reading “E-Passport Myths 1-10”

Traveler Identification

Governments around the globe, including Dominica, are embedding biometric technology into ID documents. New biometric passports (or e-passports or digital passports) are a combination of paper and electronic passports and contain biometric information that can be used to authenticate the identity of travelers. This passport contains a special chip that contains the holder’s photograph andContinue reading “Traveler Identification”

Dominica’s deadline for complete adoption of E-passport is now August 2022

An original deadline given by the government of Dominica to replace the machine-readable passport to the new E-passport has now been revised from July 30, 2023, to now August 30, 2022. The new passport which was launched in July 2021 replaces the machine-readable one and contains both overt and covert security features that are wovenContinue reading “Dominica’s deadline for complete adoption of E-passport is now August 2022”

Dominica & China signed Visa Waiver Agreement

Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for their continued support in the country’s development. Chinese Ambassador to Dominica Lin Xianjiang conveyed warm regards and best wishes from State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He said both countries share 17 long years of diplomatic relations, mutual respect and more. Continue reading “Dominica & China signed Visa Waiver Agreement”