Dominica removes COVID-19 travel protocols, on arrival testing is NOT required

The Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives of the Commonwealth of Dominica, on August 23, Tuesday, announced new amendments to protocols regarding COVID-19 for entry into the country. The Government of Dominica has removed several protocols which will ease the travellers to come in and out of the country without any major formalitiesContinue reading “Dominica removes COVID-19 travel protocols, on arrival testing is NOT required”

Sale of ‘Golden Passports’ Boosts Island’s Economy

Dominica, a member of the Commonwealth, is a small island in the lesser Antilles. Located between the French overseas departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique, it’s one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. To finance its economy, Dominica offers a Citizenship by Investment program, or CBI. Investors can buy Dominican Citizenship, which has two majorContinue reading “Sale of ‘Golden Passports’ Boosts Island’s Economy”

New Traveler Protocols

Dominica has announced new COVID entry protocols in an effort to further ease travel to Dominica and support the full reopening of the tourism industry on the island. Effective April 4, 2022, all vaccinated travellers are free to enter Dominica by land and sea without COVID-19 testing. In addition, unvaccinated travellers with a negative pre-arrivalContinue reading “New Traveler Protocols”

Dominica Revised Travel Protocols – March 2, 2022

The Ministry of Tourism announced new COVID protocols for all vaccinated travellers to Dominica.  Starting Wednesday, March 2, Dominica will accept Rapid Antigen Test results recorded up to 48 hours prior to arrival.  This new amendment will make it even easier for travellers coming from around the world, as it opens up new, more accessible testing options.Continue reading “Dominica Revised Travel Protocols – March 2, 2022”

Find the Inner You in Dominica

Dominica needs to be added to your bucket list. It is one of the most tropical, pristine and natural islands in the Caribbean. If you’re into adventure, eco-tourism, off the beaten path kind of vibes, then this low-key gem is definitely a must do. Explore hot springs, waterfalls, hiking, beach, boat ride up the IndianContinue reading “Find the Inner You in Dominica”

Why E-Passports for Dominica

The air passenger experience involves many requirements that countries must address relating to effective travel document and border management, information sharing and the identification of high-risk travellers, the screening of people and cargo for security purposes, global anti-terrorism objectives, and many other inter-related priorities. Because of the overlapping and complementary nature of these programmes andContinue reading “Why E-Passports for Dominica”

Destination Dominica Rebranded

Destination  Dominica  has been rebranded with a new logo in an effort to create a bold, dynamic, and eco-responsible Dominica. The destination brand continues to play a major factor in presenting Dominica to the world. Speaking at the launch ceremony on Wednesday, Tourism Minister Denise Charles says a refreshed brand identity represents the island’s peopleContinue reading “Destination Dominica Rebranded”

Dominica Listed in Best Small Cities in the World

With a population of almost 15,000, Roseau deserves more than a hurried excursion from a cruise ship. Stay a while longer and learn about the place in the Dominica Museum. Browse the produce at the market, admire the pastel-colored homes, and chill out with a cool drink at a bar or café. Come in OctoberContinue reading “Dominica Listed in Best Small Cities in the World”

Authorised Citizen By Investment Agents in Dominica

List of Authorised CBI Agents Authorised CBIU Agents have a great deal of experience in assisting with citizenship by investment programs, with the skills required to assist you through every step of your application. They provide professional advice and assistance with preparing and submitting your application for citizenship by investment in Dominica. Authorised Listing DOMINICANContinue reading “Authorised Citizen By Investment Agents in Dominica”